Cigar Case


  • Premium quality humidor maintains your cigars in the best smoking condition possible while you are on the go.
  • Perfect for long travels, such as Vacation, Camping, Road Trips, or Anywhere away from home.
  • The cigar humidors is new release, the cap is redesigned and it fits better with the humidor than previous release does.
  • Has all the functions of a larger humidor have, though it is small (Height 8.2 inches, diameter 3.1 inches).
  • Wrapped with black soft leather lined with Spanish cedar interior. On the top of the humidor is a built-in hygrometer shows you the humidity inside of the case. This cigar humidor is equipped with an analog hygrometer, which users can calibrate it by adjusting the screw.


Elegant, high-end quality workmanship level, 100% brand new, hold your favorite cigars in safety. Ideal for travel and convenient for storing 3-5 Cigars, the humidor could keep cigars fresh and undamaged during travel. You can store your humidor in a suitcase without worry the cigars being damaged.

Material: Leather with Spanish Cedar interior

Dimensions(Product): Height 8.2 inches x Diameter 3.1 inches ( Height 208mm x Diameter 77mm )

Dimensions(Package): 9 inches x 3.4 inches x 3.4 inches ( 230mm x 87mm x 87mm)

Color: Black (As shown in the pictures)

Capacity: 3-5 Cigars ( Depending on the ring gauge )

Packing: Black Dust Bag, White Box

Accessories: 1 hygrometer on the lid, 1 humidifier

What you are going to get:

-A high-quality travel cigar humidor that wrapped with brown genuie  leather


-Custom black dust bag

Other Instructions:

-Do not remove the pre-installed gauge that comes fixed with the cigar case.

-The gauge is already pre-calibratedand does not require any adjustment.

-Store cigars when the gauge reads 65%-75%.

-Store your humidor in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight or heat.


There may be a bit leather smell when you get the cigar case, since it’s a new & unused leather product. You can open the package and put it in a ventilate place for a few days, then the smell will fade away.


-We guarantee all of the items are in 100% good condition and high quality.

-If you are unhappy with an item for any reason, please contact us.


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