Cigar Humidor

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  • Premium Cigar Humidors/Portable Travel Cigar Case, zipper lock closure
  • Comes with a cigar holder and a stainless-steel cutter. Has everything you need to store and transport your cigars in safety and style.
  • Suitable for home use or travels, such as Vacation, Camping, Road Trips, or Anywhere away from home.
  • Interior cedar wood tray secures with a leather strap to separate and protect up to four cigars with max length 7.0 in and ring gauge 56.
  • Easy to use: All you need to do is to add distilled water or humidor solution to the humidifier and place in the case to keep your cigars from drying out.


42 reviews for Cigar Humidor

  1. Art Tsihlakis

    This is a nice product by the instructions are confusing.

  2. test


  3. Arthur Bradley

    Nice compact. I thought it was bigger but it is still nice

  4. Michelle pickett

    Bought one for myself and brother. Perfect size for our use!

  5. Anthony Vanek

    Love the look and feel. Would like one with a humidifier gauge it in though. Would definitely pay the extra cost. But otherwise it is very nice.

  6. Michael Trinsey

    Very nice product. Well packaged and well made.
    Can’t wait to travel with it

  7. Chris Van Dyke

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out

  8. Alex Cabral

    Haven’t used for very long but like the design. Would be better if it fit more cigars.

  9. Sharon Simon

    I bought it for my boyfriend as a birthday gift. We were both extremely happy with the quality of the humidor and the cigar cutter and stand. Fantastic product!

  10. Denise Champion

    Loved the packaging and the entire case is impressive and elegant. Will hit this again as a gift for my son and boyfriend.

  11. Chemecia Summers

    I bought it for my significant other. He’s an avid cigar smoker and travels often. I was getting sick of him keeping his cigars in ziplock bags…

  12. Albert Otero

    Second time I purchase this item. First one was lost on vacation.


    Great cigar case! Wife gave as a gift for anniversary and look forward to many years of use.

  14. LaTice Booker

    Nice design well made soft leather. I wish it was engravable

  15. Robert Summers

    Nice product. Comes with a nice kit included. Only downside is that it does not open up past 90 degrees. Other than that, great product.

  16. Stephanie Nelson

    It’s perfect for travel. I am always on the go and one of the pass times is to trade cigars with the people I meet. Mine will be perfect every time!

  17. Brett Wulke

    Perfect size and functionality. Still good travel size with built in humidor.

  18. Leonard Ware

    Nice look forward to using it, I like premium cigars so I like something that can protect them

  19. Nathan Foster

    Very nice design, simple to use.

  20. John D Gage

    Great design and craftsmanship. Perfect for keeping my cigars safe and all my items together while traveling. The case comes in a great bag – perfect for saving your bands if you like.

  21. Javier Vicencio Diaz

    Good product, it is very nice. My wife got it for me for our anniversary

  22. Manuel Haro

    Great looking product, better than expected.

  23. Jamie sims

    Great product with lots of style for cigar lovers

  24. Lindsy K Wheeler

    I like the leather look, the smell, the sturdiness of the storage, and the amenities of the cutter and the holder.

  25. Lemar

    I am currently letting it sit for 24hrs to get the humidor ready. However, the case looks durable and the cutter and cigar stand are real cool. No more setting the cigar on the edge of my drink or window sill.

  26. Carlos Sangco Jr.

    Good Travel Humidor. I like the ability to carry 4 cigars and my own cutter. The cigar holder is a bonus. I wish there was a place for my torch also. The accessibility of the top pocket can be an issue if you put something in it. My personal cutter fits in it but is hard to take out because of the humidor above it and the flap doesn’t open all the way. Another helpful thing would have been a small sewn in handle at binder to hold the case.

  27. David E. Abbott

    Immediately took pictures and sent it out to my cigar group members!

  28. Albert

    A buddy of mine has one and he recommended it to me for value, quality and durability.

  29. Wendall Walker

    I recieved the case for a gift. It is well built and I hope to get a lot of use out of it.

  30. Austin bratton

    The case feels kind of cheap I like the inside of the product. The cigar stand is really cool

  31. Rick Hughes

    Great look! Both effective and efficient. Quality product

  32. Oscar Marulanda

    It’s Bigger to have all time with me, but it’s necessary to transport my Cigars.

  33. Barry chevalier

    Love the case/humidor will be great for tra2

  34. Mark Allshouse

    Very executive and professional looking case

  35. Bernard Allen

    I just got it as a present. I haven’t actually used it yet. just trying to register it

  36. Paul Colla

    My wife bought this for me as a Christmas gift. I would travel with a plastic bag – I know sad…. but now I can travel in style

  37. Matthew Henry

    Received as a gift. Impressed with the quality and design.

  38. Demetrius Ponder

    It’s amazing!!! It’s very high quality and had everything I need in it! I will buy one for my best friends birthday.

  39. Bethany D Redeaux

    I am enjoying my humidor immensely. It’s very convenient for my lifestyle.

  40. Kathleen

    Just got it today. Looks great.

  41. Orlando Rosello

    First impression of the was very fancy and nice. Soft leather and built solid. Glad I purchased this. I will recommend this to everyone I know.

  42. Isaac Lee

    Very well made.
    I wish it had a temperature and humidity gauge?

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