CiTree Super Slim Torch Lighter


  • Top Quality 2 Jet Flame Torch Cigar Lighter with Cigar Punch
  • Safe & Easy to Use – Adjustable Flame Control – Butane Refillable (Butane fuel NOT included due to safety reasons)
  • Lights faster than a standard lighter or match. Perfect for Dad, Grandpa, Groomsmen, or any cigar smokers!
  • Automatic Open Safety Cap (Attached) – Cigar Punch Accessory (Attached)
  • Size: 2.87″ x 1.18″ x 0.6″ Approx. Weight: 2.65 oz, excluding Gift Box


torch lighter adjustable flame control butane refillable cigar lighters gifts for father husband

Grey Metal Lighter

  • This lighter is a portable metal lighter that can be easily operated with one hand.
  • It is a 2 jet flame butane lighter with cigar punch that produces a powerful flame and ignites your cigar in a few seconds.torch lighter,grey metal cigar lighter with cigar punch gift for Dad, Grandpa,Husband safty lighters

37 reviews for CiTree Super Slim Torch Lighter

  1. Adam Ross Tvinnereim

    Solid butane lighter. I enjoy the slick design.

  2. Bobby J Averill

    The lighter dose not work.the hoses became detached the ceramic casing around the Jets was broken when delivered

  3. Vincent Soto

    works well so far , no complaints and is a very sleek design

  4. Alvin Ogando

    This lighter was recommended by a friend. Good build quality. Works great. And I like how it looks.

  5. Laura Barton

    I just received the lighter today.

  6. Gerardo Torres Jr

    Product looks built well and sturdy, easy to fill with fuel and adjust flame. Strong flame once lit

  7. Troy Barrett

    I just got it. Will let you know when I get some time to use it

  8. Bennett

    Very slick design and quality and the best lighter iv had in a lone time

  9. Thomas Annon

    Nice design and function. Only problem I’ve had is some times it gives me an issue and won’t light also the finish is starting to come off.

  10. Pete Martinez

    The Design is great and is Easy to use. I like the color and the double torch flame will work great when lighting my cigars.

  11. David Pacheco

    I like that the lighter is not tiny, but also not huge.
    It works very well, even in front of a fan at medium speen

  12. Kevin Michael

    I like the size, shape, color, and style a whole lot. My biggest issue with the torch is the metal flap gets too hot when you are holding it open and fingers start to get warm and uncomfortable. Great price however, and big flame, which is a big plus.

  13. James Ream

    Sleek design, easy to use. Works well

  14. Brad Thompson

    I like the design and classy characteristic.

  15. Cara Edele

    Love it, works great. Item as advertised. A great value & well worth the cost.

  16. Zchagiel Monroe, Esq.

    So far so good. Hopefully, the lighter continues to work. And if it doesn’t, you guys should repair it free of charge (for life). And you should also cover the shipping costs too. Otherwise, it’s an excellent product and I’m looking forward to using it a lot for father’s day. West Philly is the best Philly.

  17. Thomas Lanier

    As soon as I opened the package I filled it with butane and started using it. It works GREAT!

  18. Rory Cardinal

    Appears to be a nice lighter and everything that the description called for

  19. Matt Johnson

    So far so good. Just got the CiTree Torch Lighter, Slim 2 Jet Flame Butane Lighter with Cigar Punch from Amazon. Ordered yesterday, got it today before noon. That’s a dang good start. Filled it up, lowered the flame adjustment all the way down, and the lighter is working great. I’ve used this kind of torch for years. If it keeps working this well, I’ll be extremely pleased.

  20. Victor Nguyen

    Haven’t used the lighter yet but really like the design and the built in punch. Will be using this weekend.

  21. Can wei wen

    Very good product and handy, cover no dust

  22. Chris Hoffmann

    Seems to be well-constructed. Nice design and aesthetics.

  23. Kirk Bramwell

    Lighter is great. Slim sleek design makes it easy to carry and store.

  24. Paul Mal

    Nice slim designEasy to carry in your pocket with no billy look.

  25. Hadassah Ronneberg

    The lighter is gorgeous. It came in a nice hard case/box. And the lighter has a nice weight to it. Fits in the hand nicely and is very easy to strike. The only drawback was the flame adjust was so stiff I had to find an actual screwdriver to get it to turn the first time. Other than that I love it. The flame has a good range from low to high. Haven’t used it long enough to know how many lights before needing to be refilled.

  26. Tim Vaughn

    It’s very nice lighter slim fits in the pocket well. Works every time

  27. David Reinold

    Lighter is perfect for cigars.

  28. Matthew

    Great little lighter. Feels very solid

  29. Norman Mugisha

    I like how sleek it is and how heavy it is

  30. Brandon J Slonaker

    Love the lighter and design. Punch is amazing addition.

  31. Kyle Serigne-Thurmond

    Really sturdy and great lighter. 10/10. Im already talking about getting another as a gift

  32. Adrian Rodriguez

    Solid design and functionality

  33. Hasan

    Awesome ? very useful so nice design and very useful and strong

  34. Billy Fritts

    Product works very well. Also, fora in my pocket nicely.

  35. Kenji Kokaji

    Great design, feel and overall functionality. Great gift idea!

  36. Bruce Dickey

    It seems like a great lighter. The flame has been great outdoors in the New Englang cold.

  37. John Carsten II

    Sleek slim design, used for first time yeasterday and its great!

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