Cigar Humidor

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  • Premium Cigar Humidors/Portable Travel Cigar Case, zipper lock closure
  • Comes with a refillable double jet flame lighter (BUTANE FUEL NOT INCLUDED) and a stainless-steel cutter. Has everything you need to store and transport your cigars in safety and style.
  • Suitable for home use or travels, such as Vacation, Camping, Road Trips, or Anywhere away from home.
  • Interior cedar wood tray secures with a leather strap to separate and protect up to four cigars with max length 7.0 in and ring gauge 56.
  • Easy to use: All you need to do is to add distilled water or humidor solution to the humidifier and place in the case to keep your cigars from drying out.
  • Top-notch customer service. 30 days Hassle-Free and No Questions Asked return and money back policy.


223 reviews for Cigar Humidor

  1. Robert Saad

    Great and elegant product. My father really loves it. The lighter and cutter are a great added bonus

  2. miguel Parra

    Built very well and very nice.

  3. Adam atmaca

    Amazing and we’ll designed perfect for when going somewhere to take some cigars

  4. Heather Draughan

    Looks great and is a quality product.

  5. Biss Martchev

    Good quality! Fabulous Father’s day gift!

  6. Jorge Gutierrez

    Great product and quality have everything i need in one item

  7. Gerald R Mauro

    Very pleased with the humidor. I did not receive any instructions though so am confused about filling the humidifier.

  8. Niki Doughty

    Liked the reviews and can’t wait to see how well it works.

  9. William Halstead

    I received this as a gift and can’t wait to use it on vacation

  10. Gregory Smith

    Great quality, looking forward to bringing it to a family get together to share some cigars and enjoy a smoke.

  11. Joaquin Fonticiella

    High quality..very Gucci love the ceadar

  12. Zach Langel

    Received as a Christmas gift. Easy ‘set up’ and have now loaded my humidor. Purchased a small meter to monitor the humidity. Everything appears to be good!

  13. Belmiro Alves

    I received it today, but I am in love with this product. Everything about it looks very good.

  14. Joe sabedra

    Instructions talk about a factory mounted gauge but there is not one.

  15. Zain Yassi

    I would have liked it if it had a bigger lighter and cutter pocket . Also if you provide the option of the case with out the cutter and lighter

  16. Jesse Thompson

    Love the product and will definitely recommend it to friends. The functionality and the quality is outstanding.

  17. Ángel sobrino

    I like the product very much. It s strong and easy to mdnsge.

  18. Reginald Upchurch

    The value for the price was good.

  19. Florian chanthavong

    Product came on time, the packaging was good, tho the sleeve is probably not necessary. Quality is good, the lighter feels a little cheap, but it’s nice to have it. I wish the case would be a little bit slimmer. Other than that very thing is as advertised.

  20. Robert Walker

    Received as gift and unsure of the product at this time.

  21. Chase

    The plastic dip tube is pretty cheap and my first box had a staple haging out of the side better quality control making sure everything is the same off the line.

  22. Robert Fischer

    Great Quality. Exactly as shown.

  23. Seth Raygor

    Well I bought this cause I found it randomly on Amazon but upon receiving the item I was highly impressed with the quality of the product and really love all the usefulness of it. Great price as well!

  24. Melissa Scott

    a nice product it havigg be issues figuring out how to add the water. The instructions were not for my travel case it was for something else

  25. Darrel Torralba

    Great product to carry cigars out to the golf course.

  26. George P. Craig Jr

    The product is excellent I like the style of the case

  27. Jeremy Soto

    Great product awesome design like the accessories and awesome look

  28. James Gardner

    First time user but like so far, just wished it had a gauge

  29. Michael Heist

    Come on, really? It’s nice.

  30. James Johnston

    Nice material. Cedar is nice in there. The humidifier is wonderful for my cigars

  31. Dawn Buchanan

    It is a great size and product

  32. gregory allen

    Best purchase I made since I started smoking cigars. keeps them nice and fresh

  33. Jeremy R Hernandez

    Amazing elegant humidor. Very durable and nice looking.

  34. Mark Johnstone

    Great little humidor. It is the perfect size to not take up much space in your baggage but still provide you with enough of your favourite cigars. Looks great and is exactly what the travelling cigar connoisseur needs.

  35. Sammy Solis

    This thing works great! Definitely had to season it well first but once it’s done it didn’t lose its humidity for over a week! I would like to see a built in monitor though

  36. Michael Accavallo

    Gift from my son for Christmas. I love it im an avid cigar smoker and can definitely find use for it.

  37. Maurice shield

    So far it’s great. Nice looking case ..easy to set up and perfect for my visit to local cigar lounges

  38. Jason gutierrez

    Beautiful cigar case I love it

  39. Carthenia Patterson

    This was purchased as a gift to a cigar smoker.

  40. Tati Lopez

    The product is beautiful and functional, exactly what we wanted.

  41. Brian Lieberman

    It was a gift and I have not used it yet. It looks good and I look forward to using it

  42. Charles E. Price

    Convenient and stylish. Has generated interest from others on the name and where it was purchased.

  43. Shanal Kumar

    Getting into cigars so bought it to give it a try for the travel case.

  44. Alexander Black

    Love the lighter and design of the case

  45. Robert Whitfield

    Love that it’s compact and well made.

  46. Russ Whitlock

    Received as a birthday gift and really enjoying the convenience of the travel case.

  47. Wendel Fullerton

    I plan on getting another as a gift

  48. Erick Saavedra

    I like the size and the leather casing. Price was also great.

  49. David tyree

    The case itself is great, the only issue is how thick it is. If the humidor piece could be thinner that would be great.

  50. Mike Baughman

    I have only had the product a few days and am now starting the “set up” process. Too early to provide a review.

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